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Same here: multiple comps in series: Gates STA level>pultec EQP-1R>neve 33609, or something like that. usually something vari-mu (6386 based) for the insanely expressive knee type response. A quiet passage only gets the 1.5:1 at the onset of gain reduction, rising to 10:1 at full reduction. That is why i love Vari-Mu compressors for expressive vocal performances, with something faster and harder following up for a really good "sit." I also use: Federal AM864/U a lot, or collins 26-1U as the first comp in the chain. The collins 26W works really well, as does an LA3A or electro harmonix NY2A followed by something else. in a really dense rock mix I might have 3 comps and a de-esser and a pultec on the main vocal. Better to have a few devices doing a little than one doing a lot if you want expression AND fit...