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Still looking for THE VOX Compressor for Ballad

While Massive Passive, IBIS and the GR EQ-NV-2, SSL FX383 would handle the EQ needs for mixing lead vocal. I am still looking for the vocal compressor for ballad. I have the Trakker (3), UA 2-1176, STC-8, Smart C2, 160XT(3), Distressor (2). Although 1176 get most used, then C2. 1176 do making the Lead vox sit well and standout at the same time, but it kind of taking out too many emotions or nunances from the vocal, and sometimes it is not smooth enough for ballad. I am still not happy with it. My other compressors is still not as good as the 2-1176 ....wanted to get that big vocal sound that is up-front and smooth. I was thinking along the line of Atomic squeeze box, Pendulum Quartet II, La2a, or La3a? Any other suggestions?