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Originally Posted by glitch
This is where I was coming from initially.

The hardest thing for me is that these songs are already completely mixed and the band has been happy. A nobody A&R guy spouted some treachery and now the band is second guessing and bouncing around the thought of having it remixed elsewhere. I need to have everything ready for them right away.
If they want it remixed elsewhere, fine, but IMO do NOT give them your mix settings and choices, it does not belong to them. As mentioned by others, only process or leave any things that are key to the arrangement, such as guitar amp sim processing, or a unique effect rendered on a part or track that has become a signature or standard element of the arrangement. Otherwise, remove your EQ, compression, automation, etc., and give them the session flat.

It's not about being a dick about it, it's simply about fair play. In this business we can't expect the clients to always play fair, so you've got to protect yourself from getting screwed in ways mentioned previously.