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Originally Posted by Shan
I'm in a similar situation right now but it has to do with the Alt mixes I gave them. I gave the client the stereo mix, TV mix, Vox only mix, and Music only mix. Now the singer has decided that he can sing 3 of his tracks better So, the are going to track the Vocals at a different studio(and country) and use the TV mix of mine to do this. The will just add in the new Vox to my TV mix. What do ya do in a situation like that?

I told them not to credit me or the other guy for this hybrid mix.

Yeah, that's a sticky one. Basically, since they're using your stereo TV mix and not remixing from the multitrack session, it's your choice whether or not you want to be credited. Personally I'd still take the credit, since unless this other guy is a mongoloid idiot (not necessarily out of the question), and they're only slapping a new vocal on top of everything else that you did, one would think at least in theory that they can't screw up the vocal too bad.

Another option would be to request from the client for you to hear the new vocal mix once they've done it before you decide whether or not you want any credits. Not ideal, but at least gives you the option.