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Originally Posted by Produceher
I always give them everything.

I got paid for the mix, they can have it.

But what happens in this case, if say, you did a great sounding mix, but the A&R guy decides to have someone else do a different mix using your multitrack mix as the basis and the new mixer uses most of your settings and moves? And then in the credits the other guy gets the credits and kudos?

Or if they decide to change just a couple of things in the mix that screws it up by your sensibilities or otherwise is something you wouldn't do, but you still get credited for a mix that you now wouldn't stand by or want to be associated with?

IMO, the concept today should be the same as it's always been, which is to say that whoever pays for the session owns the master tracks and stereo mixes, but the mix itself (i.e. settings, choices, etc.) is the property of the mixer.

Otherwise, what can happen (and this has happened to me) is the label or client can get away with doing mixes after the fact that they otherwise would have had to pay you to do.