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Lightbulb "Slippy's Guide to Recording"

I've been talking to some friends, and we feel that you should write a book.

Obviously you have limited time etc. but even a small digest type thing would be indespensible to some of us.
And for those who know it all, would at least find it VERY funny.

What makes your articles (esp. the guitar thread) so great is that the reader barely realises they're learning because they laugh so much while taking in a multitude of tips (that you have learnt through years of experiance)

I would love to read your view on recording drums/bass/gat/vox
and mixing (at the expense of your sanity for writing it) in the same vain as the guitar thread.

In all seriousness, i would gladly pay for such a document and am sure others would also.

This is where slippy replies: i would love to but don't have the time OR i've been asked that before - i said piss off then and i'll say it again!

ahhhh well.