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Originally Posted by Nut
With FOH mixing, the common practice is to have all the faders at 0dB, and begin from there, setting the gain acordingly. In fact, i dont know of another way to do it.

Is this what your confused about ? I'm not exactly sure wat your are trying to say.
No I was taking about the bussses or group and the master, that where the levels he was pushing very hard and I dind't. I wasn't confused about getting input levels on the mix faders. I start realizing my mistake is at scratch. while getting input levels i pull down the fader again and move on the the next one, after that i build a mix and keep a eye on the mix busses not going over, and start riding whatever that needs a ride idem for the fx. i dont set all faders at 0 to start the mix, thanks for the kick in the bud, ill give it a go tommorow heh thanks

Originally Posted by username
it's very easy to get caugh in the trap of mixing with your eyes!... I've had the same problem plenty of times before.. I find the other place people do this in is with comrpession.. I've found I've gotten better results since I covered up the gain reduction meter and had to listen to what was happeing
The same with mixing by numbers or is it the same as mixing with your eyes, i have used this aprouch for a while and still regret that i ever read an article about it.

I think i have to re'ask my question a bit different "what not to do while doing Foh ?" i mean from soundcheck untill end of the gig.

lets start with the desk, is it a mistake to start where the previous engineer left, or do you put everything at scrath? like eq's and sends etc before getting levels, trim pots are mostly closed i have noticed. so how do you leave the desk or how do you like it to be when you begin on a foh session? i assume if it's your own setup things go much smoother than at festival gigs.