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Originally Posted by DirkB
All tracks begin to end, starting all at the same time is always a safe way to hand over the project.
Yup, and that makes sure that if the project get handed to a remixer, they aren't gonna freak at your 100 track vocal comp. Mix it all down to 'whole' tracks (i.e. lead vox on one track, most b vox on a stereo track ect). However, this is going to take you a while, I would say at least 4 hours per track, do the band want to pay for this? Otherwise, just give them a firewire drive with all the project files. I don't think it's nessasary to be precious with the work. The other thing is, maybe if the remix it they don't want all your eq and compression printed on the tracks, maybe they would prefer the raw takes. Really, it's up to the producer / band / remixer to ask for what they need (and pay for it).