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What to give clients...

Just finished an album that's been in the works for a few months for a band. I'm cleaning up the DAW and archiving the data and such. I recorded and mixed the project, but this project may end up in another studio with another person at the faders. What should I give them for master "tapes"?

Before the DAW days, things were mixed through outboard gear, meaning that the masters were the "raw" tracks and final mixes, as you didn't usually print each track of the mixes individually to another tape machine.

However, tracks were not tracked raw as often as these days - more outboard was used during tracking.

So, being as I use a DAW and mix ITB, should I still think old school and just give the client the raw tracks and final mixes? I'd be most comfortable with that, as I feel like the processed tracks are more time than tangabile items, and I'd rather not just give my "gear" away.

What's the norm to give the client nowadays?