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Anyone record female theater singers need good vox chain suggestions?

I am in the process of recording theater singers. Some lean toward classical (big round voices both male and female). All of them project their voices, especially the theater people who are taught to project there voices for stage, have a sharp, bright, almost a head tone sound.

With the female singers this has presented a recording challenge for me.

I'm using ProTools with Apogee Rosetta 200, Great River Pre and a Soundelux U99. I want to add another mic, pre combo specifically for the females. My current chain seems to be working well for the males.

I'm not worried about cutting through the instruments on the mix. Some of the music is strings and voice only. Music is not overproduced (not necessarily bad).

I do not want to buy a vintage mic because I will not be able to maintain it. Knockoffs are fine, I have one, the U99 and I like the mic.

Anyone with experiece recording classical and theater voices, your input would be helpful. New to the forum. THanks for your help!