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Re: Engineer / Musician - Better to be both?

Originally posted by CaptainHook
Hey slippy and everyone else,

Just a question out of curiousity:

Is it important/necessary for an engineer to have a background in performing music?
Ther are probably advantages and disadvantages. As noted elsewhere, speaking the jargon can be handy. On the other hand As a guitar player, I know more about how I want my guitar to sound, than how the other guy wants his to sound, so I have to dissasciate a bit to dial in stuff for him. Same applies to most other instruments, arranging etc.


Slippy ~~ do you yourself play an instrument?
Several. Some not to well, others better.


I only ask, because it makes sense to me that a musician would approach mixing/engineering differently than a purely technically trained AE.
Whether this makes for a better engineer is obviously subjective and completely independant for each individual's scenario.

I'm just wondering how many engineers are also musicians, and if they believe that it gives them some kind of advantage.

For instance: someone who plays drums/bass/guitar etc. would have a clear
idea in their head as to how they would want the instruments to sound if they were playing

I know that doesn't really matter if they don't know how to achieve that sound, but surely having a natural ear and feel for music would make a difference?¿?

Maybe i'm just talking crap, or regurgitating crap that has been spoken to
death on here before. (If this is the case, i appologise.)

- CaptainHook -
Most that I have met can do a couple of bars on many struments.