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Tone Controls on Speakers...Can Someone Explain?

I was noticing how the Adams had tweeter level, etc, controls on the front.

Now, I know this sounds dumb, but....if we are changing the freq response of the playback speaker, why are we getting them in the first place? I really don't get read reviews and feedback from people on speakers, and some mention ("Well, such and such sounds more open....") well....yeah, maybe "such and such" had the tweeter level cranked....I don't know, but how is a novice (i.e., non-acoustical expert) supposed to know where to set these controls in his project studio? Until they "sound good"?

I guess I thought the best monitors would not have "tone controls" on them, even if this is overstating the case slightly.

What is the best way to set these properly in a given environment?