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I'm not sure what your circumstances are - but assuming you're playing at clubs,
and most clubs have their own PA/House system, you should let it do most of the
work. It saves you a lot of hard work carrying equipment and the expense of owning your own system.
1) Buy a small stereo mixer (Mackie, A&H, Soundcraft)
2) Set your keyboards to MONO- output (same signal to left and right output
3) Send one side of the mixers output to the rig you already have - it shoud be
plenty loud to use as your personal monitor.
4) Send the other side of the mixers output to the house system. You'll probably
need a cheap direct box to plug into their snake.

Even a mediocre house PA should sound better (and louder) than most anything
you can whip-up with homemade speakers and mid-grade amplifiers.