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Old 10th January 2009
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using firewire audio... is there a difference

So here's my chain... Sony 800G Mic -> Avalon SP 737 -> ? (2 options)

Option 1.) Purchase an Apogee Rosetta 200 and use the spdif outs to go into my Openlabs Miko (presonus firebox) and back out to the Rosetta 200.

Option 2.) Purchase an Apogee Rosetta 200 with the optional firewire card and connect to Miko using Firewire. (bypassing the presonus firebox)

now the questions....

is all firewire created equally? meaning is there a difference in latency performance between the rosetta firewire card vs presonus firebox or is it the same cause both connect using firewire ports?

quality wise i know the rosetta 200 beats out the presonus. I don't plan on using the pres on the firebox. i can bypass them with the spdif in/out right?

If possible I would like to keep that open slot in the back of the rosetta available for my
PT HD2 system (MAC) and still have the option of using Cubase via "option 1" with my miko (PC) will this work?

I only want to do this if i'm not sacraficing quality or performance in both setups. :-)