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Instrument / Line- Splitter ..any advice?

Maybe you guys can help me with a (not so hi tech) problem, I need an instrument (hi-Z) splitter for example to split one guitar to two(three?) amps. What normally happens is, that you get (from strange hums apart) weired noises, because you basically connect one amp input with another through an given instrument. I f***ing can't find one anywhere, well Studiospares (London)etc. That must be something people use all the time, for example splitting a bass into two lines (one to amp, one for any other hi-Z input and one Di to the mixer). Resolution for that is not a normal DI box ('cause you want to link the direct signal to the amp and need a second out apart from the balanced 'mic' out). There are Linesplitters, but they work with a nominal level between -10dbv and +4 dbu and than there are mic splitters etc. Problem is definately the impedance, I loose all top end and lows on guitars and bass when I just splitt the signal passively, even if I use a Di box I still have that problem and it's not the DI, I tested various (still do it sometimes, if I have to - very lofi!)Help! Did I miss anything? What do I need?