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I have a Lexicon 480, 300 and a PCM70 at my studio. I use the PCM70 all the time - it does something to the drums nothing else does and it's not noisy at all if you have your gainstaging right (don't be too afraid of the red led). The 480 is just the 480 I couldn't live without it - one of the best digital boxes every made IMNSHO. The 300 is just not half as cool as the other 2 - I rarely use it. I was even considering to sell it. It's not bad but it lacks the magic the other 2 have.

Btw I'd take a Eventide 2016 as a main reverb and not a PCM70 because the PCM70 is a one or two trick pony and the 2016 is very good for doing the not so obvious reverb sound - just a wonderful box.