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Originally Posted by ProFool
I know in the analogue and digital domain you can have al the levels a 0db and not here any unwanted stuff, but pushing the buss levels that hard!! I thought that was something I shouldn’t do...
Hi ProFool. The analog and digital domain are quite diferent, and also is the way they are measured. For Digital 0db means full scale (all bits been used) and there's nothing else in the red above that but distorsion, and the ugly one. For analog, a lot of people seem to find the best sound above 0db because of "harmonic distorsion", now, not all analog gear respond in the same way. Tape, and Tubes are a known preference, though solid state can be quite the ****e too.
I think that our best aid in mixing cames from our ears and not to be afraid to push the envelope... heh