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Originally Posted by manning1 goodness lovely samples !! YOU are very talented !!
your a heck of a blues vocallist. GREAT STUFF !! (blues get ya and the others....BEAUTIFULL !!)
thanks. actually - like you...i'm finding i'm quite surprised by the product.
one KEY ive found already is to not crank the knobs. for example i already discovered a trick. ie....take the output of the mp into a line mixer and the line mixer pushing up the gain a bit...thus allowing keeping the output knob on the mp down.
you have a wonderfull character/intonation/texture to your vocals. highly impressive.

thanks for the compliments! I really appreciate it, but let's give credit where credit's due: The voice is courtesy of my good friend Mark Wise, who hails from California but is stationed in Germany since a few years.

The first 3 samples are from our first CD that I recorded on a Digi 001 with the ART PRO MPA as the main preamp.
Vocals were all done with an AKG 414 B-ULS, i still use it on most singers I record here though the SM7 has become a favorite too recently.

I attribute the texture/sound of the vocals mainly to Mark's great voice/singing, what also really helps is my 'vocal room' which is my living room in fact. I started to record there because the reverb character/sound seems just perfect for vocals and acoustic instruments. (high ceiling/wood floor).

The one great piece of equipment I had from the beginning is a NTP 179-170 comp.
It really did help on these first recordings because it's incredibly transparent and it lets you push the input without any danger of distortion. More recently and for more rock-type stuff I also use the UA 6176 a lot on vocals.

thanks for listening