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Old 27th July 2005
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Question THE REDS

Hi everyone,

I seem to have a little question about the reds (you know the over's)
I had a very nice gig last night as opening act with the band I’m doing foh for, the location was a big market square with churches and cathedrals (note im not used to doing big open air gig's) there was a old soundcraft delta series available and a nice rack of drawers, dbx comp/limit and' gates etc. I build up a nice sounding mix, knowing from the gig I had last week on a soundcraft MH4 that I had to watch the buss levels and master level and don’t push them in to the reds. The Mh4 doesn’t like that. So at about the end of the gig the engineer of the main act arrives and stands next to the console for a while with a weird grin on his face while having a look at the mix and buss levels etc. A little later while he was doing his mix with the main act I thought I have a peek (you know the thing "watch and learn") to my surprise all his faders where up to 0db And he was just riding the vocals, his mix busses where up the reds constantly even his master levels, pumping up and down to the max. The desk had +6db leds (orange) and another 6 (up the reds), anyway it sounded awesome!!! So what’s the deal with mixing a live gig (level wise)? Am I watching too much at the leds (should I cover them)? How does the pro foh guys approach there buss levels? I know in the analogue and digital domain you can have al the levels a 0db and not here any unwanted stuff, but pushing the buss levels that hard!! I thought that was something I shouldn’t do. Am I doing something wrong? whats the deal?
Any insights will be appreciated, thanks