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I still got 2 ART PRO MPAs, the first one I bought when I didn't know any better and found to be way overpriced, the second one I bought for somethng like $ 250 second-hand because I needed more inputs.

I only use them when I run out of channels on my 'good' pres, so they often end up on say toms.

On a recent live demo tracking involving myself as guitar player for a trio I miked my Marshall cab with a Beyer M160 and put it thru the ART.
I was really impressed with the results, the ART is less 'solid' or 'full' than the TG-2 I normally use on guitars but the sound was really good and very 'analogue'.

The very first CD I ever recorded/produced was done solely with one ART pre.
What I did was setting the input in PT to -10db, it just sounded better when the ART's output was kept low. Noise wasn't an issue, the ARTs aren't noiser than the 'good' pres like the TG-2 or the UA-2108 I own now.

Here are a few mp3 examples: