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Ive tried all these great and reasonable hints from nice ppl who were trying to help, god bless them. None of it made any difference. My midi notes when recording would jump to the left as they were being recorded in.. and be way out of sync...almost a bar out. You could actually watch the bars as youre recording into nuendo and see the notes land in the right place in the part...and then mysteriously "fly" left to be out of sync.

Here is the real solution and how to fix it....(this has taken me weeks of research)

At very first time when you start a project, using the Audio Master timing instead of MIDI Timing. Even you do not have the audio track in the Sequencer yet.


Under the Transport -> Sync Setup and Time Code Source to select VST System Link, instead of MIDI timecode.

I dont know why it works, but it does. Good luck

I have the same problem. Thanks for all the useful information. I have tried the sync setup and tried the vst system link. Can you pleace tell me where to find audiomaster timing instead of midi timing?