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Question So I've got the internship, what now??

Here's the story,
I've finally gotten into a good, busy local studio and have been interning there for almost 3 months. So far I have had to do some bitch work, which I expected and definately don't mind, considering that I've gotten a great education there as well. So far they've taught me Pro Tools (hell, I'd never even used a Mac before) and proper tracking practices, and other basic studio etiquette that one wouldn't know dicking around in a home studio. They have also let me do a lot more actual engineering for clients than I would have expected, which is great.

Anyway, I know that I've still got a ton to learn, especially mixing, but eventually I'm going to have to take this knowledge/experience somewhere right?

What's the next step?

I mean, it's not like the studio needs any more engineers. After I get a few full projects under my belt and feel confident with my abilities, do I just go to other studios and look for job positions? Do I open up my own studio? Kinda confused about the next step...

And I thought getting the internship would be the hardest partyuktyy