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Originally posted by cajonezzz
Hey Ian, thanks for the reply. Your studio owner (angus) is an aquaintence of the guy that co owns our new place, Danny Campbell (Proxy)(mention Fish and the Seaweeds)

Funny, I looked at your place today from a link at the ORAM site. Looks like a cool place to work. I've heard great things about Angus.....Hopefully swing by some day.
Yeah, I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work there. Angus and Mark have taught me a lot and let me do a lot of engineering. I still gotta do the intern stuff (garbage, phones, trash, producer's laundry yuktyy ) but it's well worth it. Anyway, check out this studio named Eloy:

They've got two beautiful rooms and two top notch Oram's. Mark did a lot of work in that studio and does the console tech as well. If you want to know about Oram mods, lemme know and I'll talk to Mark about 'em.