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I just ordered and received my Aurora converters along with a Lynx AES-16 card.

They were actually out of stock on the Aurora-16's, so they sent me 2 Aurora-8's to use until the 16's get in stock (pretty cool of them!).

Think about the price here...


$3,000 - Aurora-16
$625 - AES-16 card
$600 cables (2 X 8-channel D-Sub -> D-Sub AES, and then 4 X 8-channel D-Sub -> TRS for Analog i/o)

That's $4,200 for 16 channels of A/D and D/A including the AES/EBU card for the computer...NOT BAD!!!

This is a great price for what you get, and the early reviews on these suckers are pretty good, plus with Lynx's great reputation, this becomes less of a gamble on my part. I am a bit nervous getting new technology like this, but I think overall I am going to be OK.

Hopefully the cables will arrive today so I can put things together tonight or tomorrow. I am just finishing a session now (final mixes), and have a new session starting on Thursday (setup on Thursday, tracking starts on Friday), so I am really hoping to get it installed and tested before the new session starts.