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Old 26th July 2005
Originally Posted by joeq
here is a diagram of my idea for the box. Use the stuff Riad linked to for the lining

the box would need to be made out of wood or something with some mass, not cardboard. The longer the box the better it would be at soundproofing the vent.

as for the squareness, repositioning yourself in a square box won't do much. Perhaps you could build a false wall along one side of the booth and put it at a slight angle. I get the impression you modified the original 8x12 booth to get your current 8x8. Perhaps you could un modify it? go to 8x10? even 8x6 would sound better I betcha. Good luck.
Thank you. Yes I did modify the booth.. However I'm not sure if I can do an 8x10 because the panels left are made to specification to make out the rest of the booth. I guess I could get someone to come in and cut the panels up a bit to kinda make them fit not sure, just off the top of my head...

I will try to do the slight angle thing. I still wanna be able to cut drums in there so I don't wanna take it down in size..
Thanks for the help..