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Originally Posted by joeq
I got the impression from rereading your original post that you are trying to set up your recording studio in a building where the adjacent rooms are being used as rehearsal spaces. Is this correct? If it is, I would say you are setting yourself up for neverending heartache.

Get out now. I am serious.

If you need neverending heartache in your life, date an actress.
Dude.. Can I say that I've already had that headache and what a headache it was.. However, I can control this situation with a few tips from you guys and scheduling. What I mean is during the day no one's there til about 6-10:30. No prob for me, this is what I do.. As well as being a night owl. I'm DEFINITELY looking for another room but in the meantime I need to get some stuff done... It was originally told to me to have more studios with all this extra insulation and of course that is not the truth. But for now I can work around it..