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Lynx Aurora 8 or UA 2192?

Which converter should I get?
The Aurora 8 or UA 2192?
I normally don't track more than 2 channels at a time, but I will need to record drums sometimes. Is the UA 2192 that much more superior to the Aurora?

I only have $2k to work with so I either get two pristine channels or 8 mid level.

Has anyone dealt with both to know if being limited to 2 channels is worth it?(I could always use my Waves L2 A/D if needed)

I only have 6 channels of mic pre's so... would I be better to get the Aurora now and be able to focus on more mic pres later?

Are the Aurora converters good enough that different mic pres would give a greater improvement in sound than the difference between the Lynx and UA?

Am I making sense?
I need to make a decision this week.

What would you do?