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Old 25th July 2005
Originally Posted by Jules
Are you using extreme compression?

If you are it will bring up backlground noise levels a LOT!

Say where you are located (area) , someone local might be able to swing by and put you on track...

Jules... Hey.. I'm in North Hollywood and man I need HELP!! Right now as far as I know I'm not using any compression. I use to have my place in a apt. basement where they had a empty room. Had the most beautiful sounding vocals ever to come out there. Recently I moved into a "studio" space.. Turns out that it's more of a rehearsal hall. But for now I have some things I really need to finish.
We started testing everything last week and it's been a NIGHTMARE. I'm not made for this..
I really need someone (a recommendation from you would be great) to come out and just..... I don't even know I'm totally frustrated..

Help please