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Are you lifting ground at mic level (right before it goes into a pre) ?
If so, that's your problem. The chain you describe should work without any groundlifts ( but if a chain needs a groundlift never lift at mic level...line level only) In my studio the main mic panel (in the live room) goes both to my board and has additional lines that go directly to the outboard preamps. If I want to patch a mic to a specific preamp it is done there and not in the control room. That way all mic patching is done on xlr's and grounds are solid. I'm not a fan of a mic "patchbay" in the control room as it seems to cause many more problems than any potential benefit. Then again. I don't play around with switching preamps during sessions as I know which mic/pre combo I want as I approach each instrument, and if I do decide to swap it's only a small walk to the main panel....a little excercise is welcome anyway.
cheers, Rick