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Old 25th July 2005
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Yay! A new ground-issue-scenario!!

I'm having big troubles with my grounding scheme on my Bantam patchbay. Here's what my typical signal flow looks like for a simple mic chain.

Condenser -> XLR Tieline -> (arrives at p.bay)->MicPreIn (with the input Ground lifted, not on the unit, but at the solder points to the input on the bay) -> MicPreOut (ground is connected) -> ProTools In (the ground is connected)

When i use the same input on the patch bay, but with a balanced signal coming from a DI, I can totally great results. No problems whatsoever.

I am thinking that I need to lift the input to all of my Protools inputs, to maintain the consistency of the grounding scheme. But, after reading so much about this stuff, I find myself confused after reading about the many different ways to get this done.

Note: I get varying results. With a dynamic, I can record a vox at very low amplitude. Some mic pres yield some RFI that is audible when you crank CR volume. Some chains yield some absolutely horrendous buzz. Needless to say, I'm this close to just paying someone to do it right for me.