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Gerax's Avatar much as I find myself comfortable with my LE system I have to say that TDM (or HD) and LE are quite different beasts. It's not only expandability that makes HD what it is; I guess you know that the processing structure is different, that LE is native (CPU based) while HD is DSP cards based; processing power is managed by DSP chips that do not have to handle OS and graphic tasks as well...HD isn't limited to 32 tracks as LE is (for the moment, although I sense that this will change with the next release), LE has no surround, as several other features.
This doesn't mean that in the right hands an LE system isn't capable of pro results. As for the fact that the tracking thru external dedicated converters would make the two sytem sound the same...I haven't done a direct AB comparison, so I cannot comment on this; clearly a dedicated AD and DA of better quality would highly improve the performance and sound quality of any 002 system (if you consider the fact that an Rosetta 800 alone costs more than the 002R which also gives you monitoring, firewire connectivity, preamps...), but the issue is that I belive TDM and LE have different ways of data management: the mix buss architecture is different: 32 bit fixed for one and 24bit floating point for the other...that yelds different summing and I guess a different be the judge.