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Originally Posted by combover
Another thing to keep in mind is that tuning has a lot to do with low end response - your tannoys are probably tuned at around 50hz. Smaller drivers will have a more difficult time with frequencies below that no matter how the enclosure is tuned though - something to consider if sub-bass is something you're concerned about hearing.
Not to split hairs, but the correlation between driver diameter & low frequency cutoff is not entirely accurate. It's quite possible to tune box resonance below 50Hz & get low frequency extension from a tiny driver. What you don't (or rarely) get from a single 4" woofer is enough SPL to make that low end usable. All things being equal (which they never are), the only difference between a 6" driver & a 4" driver is the larger speaker will move more air...which means it will play louder, not lower.