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Originally Posted by Gerax
No, it's not possible, because the S/MUX protocol for the ADAT ports on the 002 isn't supported .
Sorry but this is one of the major things (intentionally) overlooked by digidesign in its LE interfaces, as is the lack of a dedicated word clock .
At double SR you are stuck with its 8 analog and 2 SPdif inputs for a total of 10.

No issues that I know of: you just clock Pro Tools to the ADAT port in the HW setup panle and you're done. I did it many times with external converters and preamp. The best thing however would be to run all of the digital machines tied to a single word clock master, be it ADAT or Spdif in the 002 and WC to the other devices. Those who did it say they noticed and improvement in the quality of the 002 onboard converters too.

Hope this helps

Interesting,that is very helpful to know. It sounds like what you are saying is that the ADAT interface is simply not usable at 96k. It sounds like If I want 18 simultaneous channels then I am limited to 44.1 khz. Is that correct?

Which begs the next question. How do the 002 converters compare to higher end converters like Lynx, Lucid, Apogee, ect....... at 44.1khz.

Thanks again