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Originally Posted by Ziggy!!
Im no help, but just a thought. A Digi002 is far from the "high end" gear that is discussed here. Its bigger brother Protools|HD is even rarely discussed in here.

You question will get much better and more appropriate responses in the "music computer" section, since protools runs on computers...

You are right the 002 is not exactly high end.The main reason I put it here is becasue one of the things I'd like to hear about is a comparison of the 002's converters with that of a Lynx2,which arguably could be high end.

The other reason is that I'd like to be able to upgrade into some higher end converters without getting rid of the thing.With the additional channels afforded by the ADAT I/O it looks like the 002 might be a good way to do that.So I'd also like to find out if there are any hidden problems associated with adding on say 8 channels of, a rossetta,or a lucid or,or whatever.