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Originally Posted by Gerax
The maximum n° of simultaneous tracks you can record @96KHz (or 88.2) is 10, using the 8 analog inputs and the 2 ch Spdif input (provided that you have a dedicated AD converter). It goes up to 18 simultaneous inputs and outputs if you work at standards 44.1/48KHz.
I use the 002R on a self built custom PC (with specs taken from the DUC): apart for the fact that my machine is now aging and that the versions of PT got heavier and heavier on it I'm having no problem with the firewire bus or the likes (I had some minor with PT6.4, now I'm on 6.9 and everything is fine).
As Max Cooper pointed out get a healty dose of Ram and as fast a computer as you can, that'll allow you to run lower latencies and when needed higher tracks and plug in counts.

Hope this helps

Hi Lorenzo

Thank you for the feedback.But doesn't the 002 operate at 96k with it's own converters.If so,then by adding an 8 input external AD through the ADAT I/O which would mean 4 additional inputs at 96K.Including teh SPDIF which I left out before wouldn't that actually make up to 14 simultaneous channesl of I/O possible?