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Old 25th July 2005

Hey yall..

1. Got a vocal booth (8x12 from but set it up smaller because of the space I'm in (8x8) Does anyone know how can I get the aann sound out while I'm recording vocals. (Using a VM1, C12, Sony Cg800 w/ all kinds of pres... API 312, Neve 1272, Telefunken V72A, Avalon 737, Aphexx 1100) Also I would like to use it to record drums. How can I get a "live" sound out of the room? (sounds to dead and BOXIE)

2. Also I'm getting sound from the surrounding studios through the air vents...(not built well) Any suggestions on how to cut down on that kind of noise?

3.Lastly who's the cat in LA that could come out without charging a leg or arm to check out the situation and help me make it right (from setup to soundcheck) I just wanna get back to making the music and this process is WEARING me OUT!! I realize this is not my area.. I tried (thanks to you guys) but now I'm throwing in the towel as far as putting it together and need some help..
Thanks in advance..

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