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Originally Posted by trident fan
so the mix is really 15 db above threshold, if you are using a 5:1 ratio?

wait a sec! 3db is the gain *reduction*, not the number of db's over threshold at the output.

at a 5:1 ratio, inputting a signal 5db over threshold yields an output of 1 db over threshold, for a gain reduction of 4db. so if you're only doing 3db of GR at 5:1, your input is less than 5db over threshold.

likewise, if you're 15db over threshold at 5:1, the output will be 3db over threshold, so your GR meter will read 12db. and, apropos of nothing, 12db at 5:1 is a fine way to make an rnc sound like an 1176 on vox.

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