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Wow, did they teach you that at Berklee?
I am happy you read my Bio...

I'm sure you know compressors like the 1176 don't have adjustable threshold. It's a fixed threshold. You can actually only control the amount of reduction through gain or compression ratio changes.
I am missing your point here...

Besides, where did I mention lowering the threshold?
In context what else did you mean by "without cranking the threshold" ?

As I keep saying, with a lower ratio, the lowest dynamic of the signal is closer to the high point, than with a higher ratio. Why you fail to grasp that is beyond me. This is audio 101.
... ... ... so let me get this right. What you are saying is that if for example I am 4 db over the threshold and I have a lower ratio (2:1) opposed to a higher one (4:1) the difference between the lowest dynamic of the signal (uncompressed) will be closer to the high point (compressed).

Lets do the math. 4db over threshold at 2:1 = 2 db, 4db over threshold at 4:1 = 1 db.

Why the lower ratio looks to you like it brings the lowest dynamic closer to the high point, its beyond me. Maybe I skipped audio 101...please explain

Not to be insulting, but maybe you are having some translation issues and are just not following.
I guess we're about to find out...