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Thanks Max

I'll be operating at 2.4 Ghz with probably 1 gig of ram,but my understanding is that the 002 has a "low latency" mode for oberdubbing.If I use that do you think I will be able to avoid using an external mixing board for monitioring?

One of the concerns I've had about using different AD converters is the different AD converison times resulting in time delay bewteen simultaneosuly recorded tracks. Has this been a problem in your experience?

I'm not looking to add the second a/d/a right away but the fact that I could do it pretty easily when neccesary seems like a big advantage to me.Even if the 002 doesn't sound "quite" as good as say a Lynx. If I do go to 96k I should be able to get 12 tracks out of the 002, which is likely to be enough for most of what I need it for.If not I'm stuck at 44.1,that doesn't seem so bad.