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1) Not as good, IME. Fine until you upgrade; in other words, not embarrasingly bad or anything.

2) This depends on your computer (CPU, RAM, etc.) as you can set the hardware buffer size, DAE playback buffer and CPU useage limit separately. I get great results with a dual 2 Gig G5 with 6 Gigs of RAM.

3) I use a Rosetta 800 with my 002. It syncs thru the lightpipe when connected to the 800. (see attached screen shot.)

4) No more than any other kind of latency is a problem. There are ways around it, but latency is a general pain in the a**

5) Firewire seems to be fine. I've never had a problem. There's a laundry list of stuff to go over when you install PTLE. No big deal.

The 002's been fine. I've had few and far between problems. It doesn what it needs to do and doesn't bug me too much.

If you think you're gonna get an eight banger AD/DA right away, you're in a postition to consider Nuendo, etc. If I didn't have such a fortune invested in RTAS plugins, I'd consider it now. Digidesign limits stuff with PTLE that Nunendo doesn't. For example the rosetta has to connect via ADAT, so it'll only work as an eight in converter up to 48kHz. If I want to record at a higher SR, I have to go in thru the S/PDIF which limits input to two channels at a time. Not a big deal to me, but might be to you. There's other stuff. 16 aux buss channels only. I'll think of the others...