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I also have a Rosetta 200 and wish they would have included a headphone jack for us poor schmucks monitoring through headphones...I almost got an RME ADI-2 AD/DA for that reason alone!

In any case, I actually got a ****ty behringer mixer as a temporary fix...and though I have no frame of reference, I can say that the Apogee D/A through the mixer is still head and shoulders above my Mbox converters. I have no idea of how much, if any, the mixer is coloring the sound.

My next investment will be a set of decent monitors, but I also would like to know of my different options with regard to taking the Rosetta's analog outs down to headphone level. Would a simple headphone amp be better, and if so which one? Also, when I do get monitors, can I just run the analog outs straight into them, assuming they are powered, or will I still have to run the signal through some sort of monitor control mechanism then out to the monitors?