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Old 25th July 2005
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Digo002 Questions

I'm looking to upgrade my project studio and so far have been leaning towards LynxtwoC, but then I started looking into the Digi002 and it seems as though it might serve my overall purpose better.That is, an 8 track studio that could be expanded easily to 16, sounds good,and can be easily interfaced to other studios.

Here's some questions I've come up with,maybe someone can help me out.

1.) How do the Digi002 converters compare to Lynx,RME ect?

2.) How is the Digi002 for latency during overdubbing,it dosen't appear to have input monitoring capability?

3.) If I add an external converter using the lightpipe I/O will the lack of word clock be a problem,given two seperate clocks running simultaneously?

4.) If I use different converters for the second group of 8 tracks, will the fact that different convertes have different AD conversion latencies be a problem?

5.) Any issues inherent in the Firewire standard I should be aware of? I have an off the shelf emachines pc running at 2.4 ghz but it has a 1394 interface . I'll get rid of any programs I don't need like virus protection ect....

Any other comments on the pros and cons of the Digi002 in a small studio environment are welcome