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What I mean by it is at that the lower the ratio, the more your low dynamics are brought up. You're not simply limiting the highs, you are raising the lows. So, in a situation where you are getting -4db of reduction at say 16:1, nothing is changing for the quiter dynamics. If you are at 1.5:1, as deal suggests, things like the kick will disppear, because the dynamic valleys in between the peaks will not exist, because they will have been raised up.

It's a great trick if you want extra decay out of kick drum or tom, or anything, but it's typically not the best for stereo buss comp.

But as to one of the points questioning what I meant, yes, there tends to be less reduction at lower ratios. The lower the ratio, the more you may find your need to adjust the threshhold to get the same reduction as at a higher ratio.

Depending on who you ask, anything over 16:1 or 20:1 is considered 'limiting' and not compression. 'Compression' suggests that something is occuring on both side of the dynamic, not just the high side.