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Originally Posted by soundchaser
I wasn't sure whether to ask in the high or low end thread, considering my question is mixed between a good DI and a cheap pre, but ignoring that...

I am ready to blow a bit of cash simply to get a decent bass sound in my home studio -- after hearing the REDDI at a friend's place I am certainly picking one of those up, but at home my "best" preamp is a RNP. Is there a sub $1k preamp that, matched with my incoming DI box, would really shine for direct (via Reddi) and mic'd bass? I hear the most about the grace 101 and RNP, but am open to any suggestions as to which is most low-end friendly.

Hello Soundchaser,

First, thank you for considering a purchase of an A Designs Audio product.
I'm wondering why you would need one? (Pre that is)
And if you really did I would suggest our Pacifica. I just came from a recording where they used the REDDI on guitar, into the DI on the Pacifica and it was SWEET!
Please tell me how you would bring it into your system?
Or just email me direct and we can talk about your options?

Thank you,
Peter Montessi
A Designs Audio