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Another tried and true use of keying with a gate is to key a low frequency tone when the kick drum hits. It works best if you have a clean kick drum track with minimal leakage, kick sample or an already gated kick drum track. Send the kick track via a bus internally in your SAWstudio. Open or create a new auxiliary input. Add a tone generator, if available, to the plug-in fx section. If not, then you can go totally old school and tape down a key to an old synth that has a nice fat low sine tone and input that to the auxiliary input. Set it to a low frequency of 50-80hz with a sine wave. (Watch your monitor levels when you are bringing in a low frequnecy tone generator. Make sure the level does not come in too loud!) Add a gate after the tone generator. Set the gate for external keying and have it receive the signal from the bus you assigned on the kick drum track. Set the attack and thresholds so that the gate opens when the kick hits. When the gate opens this will pass the low freq tone in the mix. Play with the attack, release, and hold times. This will add the low frequency "whump" to the kick. Turn up the output level of the tone generator for more whump. A fun trick and it can be totally addictive when you do it. Have fun.