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keying (used with gates sometimes called ducking ) or side chain (used with compressors I like to call it ducking too) is basically triggering a function or controlling a function by other source rather then the original source you hear going through the device you sidechain/key.
In simple terms, if you have a long sustained note and you put a gate on the note you can trigger the gate to open and close by sending other sounds to it,
For example: I’ll be using logic (Emagic turned apple) terms but you can do it on any other program.
program a hi-hat playing 16´th on a 4 bar loop and send it to Bus 1 and then program a 4 bar long note on a different track, make sure you cycle (or loop) for this exercises, insert a gate on the long note track and when you look at the gate editing screen you can see the usual threshold attack release and floor level, you will also see a key or sidechain at the top right of the screen , in the key box select Bus 1 and then play and adjust your threshold and other setting to create a 16´th pattern from the long note, remember that the gate will open and close by the sound you send into it via the key (in this case the 16´th hh you programmed earlier.
You could also duck sounds using a kick in dance tunes (like call on me/Eric pryde or earlier daft punk records... it gives you that sucking effect .

Hope this helps

Good luck with your show