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Old 24th July 2005
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I've got the Mini me. The same design team that made the track2 designed the pres in the Mini Me, so I read somewhere. I gotta say, I love this thing. I looked at it as steping up 3 areas. Better clock, better converters , and 2 more high end pres. It's come through on all 3 counts, in spades. I don't know what you 're clocking with now, but on my system that alone was (almost) worth the price.

The M Me pres are very quiet, as in no noise at all I can hear. Uncolored, open, present, detailed. On a nice source, very beautiful and musical. Tracks stack well, being more neutral. As tracks are recorded through it , and other pre's through its converters, songs are taking on a new depth and dimension. Fast , foward and alive is what Joe Chiccarelli is saying in his advertistment, if that means pretty damn sweet, I'll agree.

The track 2 is pricey and I don't know all it's features, but I'd say you would like the pres, they're said to be better than the mm's.