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Old 13th March 2003
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Originally posted by reno x
Hi. I just had the seemingly good fortune to borrow with the option of buying one of these units.

I used it for a mixing session yesterday and both the artist and I were stunned by how much sweeter and more useful it was than the PCM90.......suddenly the whole mix fell into place without sounding overly reverbed- very natural and dense-sounding.

I know these are old, rare, etc......I guess my question is is there another unit I should be considering in the $3000-$3500 range (also is this a fair price) a main reverb unit. I was amazed at the usefulness of this box compared to any reverb I've ever heard- and I had no's real.

Any opinions?

Thanks in advance.

The AMS RMX-16 and AMS1580S are classics!!

The sound is on tons of records in the 80's and mid 90's(and Jules stuff also).

I think if you look around(Ebay sometimes) you can get it for as low as $2K. Funky Junk just sent me a list and they have both for 1500 pounds.

You can't get that sound anywhere. Sorry.

There is something special about how reverbs were designed before all this new technology. The scientists had to work around the limitations and they developed their reverb algo's with care. Look at the Quantec or the EMT 250, the Lexicon 480L,Yamaha Rev 1,Roland R880,K&T 760 and others of that time. All of these are still being used on major mixes today(I know I do).

A great reverb for that price?

Some guys are really digging the KSP-8. The new TC looks cool(M4000).

There is always the Altiverb(sampling reverb). I believe thay have RMX-16 presets.