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I don't like how the 2 channel version is laid out. Couldn't they be spaced out so as to not look like a half filled rack space. I don't want to look at my rack and be annoyed at that everyday.
The 2-channel model uses the same chassis as the 4-channel with two of the slots covered with a blank panel with the logo on it. My dealer was in touch with Karl to find out that it is possible to buy a the dual channel and expand to a 4 banger later on. Either by sending it in or with the assistance of a tech locally who can be guided through the upgrade.

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Sounds like "clean" is the new "colored".
The thing is that you don´t percieve the NPNG as either clean or colored. It´s like a mix of everything and the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is definitely very detailed and revealing but at the same time it brings out harmonics in a way that gives it a tone. Clean with mojo, does that make any sense ? It has a very solid sound that just seem to anchor things where you want them.