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Here for the gear

Music School

Hi, her my 2 cents

I opened a music school about 2 years ago with my brother as a partner.

It's been a great business. It went for 6 students to 120 in less than a year.
We are able to pay our self as well as 5 other teachers. In the last year we build our own recording studio where we also teach pro audio. This open the door to extra revenue do to audio services such as audio restoration and voice overs.

In the last six month we started selling Picks, Drumsticks, Strings, Music Paper, Guitars and Drums. We don't make much on those sells, but they help. Ex. For a guitar we may get 20 to 40 bucks tops.

Lately I have been thinking on getting some highend gear like Mics or Preamps just to try out. But really is not my intention to become a full blown store. Like everyone said here, the margin is not that great.

It cost 40K to put together. But we are 100% happy and getting close to pay the 40K credit.

The trick was location with lots of kids and rich parents.

Good luck!